“2-power boundaries; how do you mean by this dont you mean, midpoints between two domain points x and y where y is some dyadic even multiple of x, ie y=2 K\timesx; i doubt you would be able to read any other number off other than 0.

5; or get to F(3/4+x) +3/4=3/4-F (3/4-x); et to F(3/4+x) +F(3/4)=F(3/4)-F (3/4-x);this is correct(1/2+x)=1-F(1/2-x). as a result of substitions One can simply use F(1-x)+F(x)=1 with x=0.

5That' one can get F(3/4+x)= 1-F(1/4-x);F(3/4+x)-3/4=1/4-F(1/4-x) so that F(3/4)-3/4=1/4-F(1/4) and likewise with.