We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads 25 Jul 2016 - Group Presentation on Gun Control. Gun Control laws refers to laws aim to restricts or regulate the sale, purchase, or possession of firearms through licensing, registration, or identification requirements. What is Gun Control? 5. Identifying and Define the problem • What should be done to decrease the .

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 But to others they think that since it is their right to bear arms, they should be allowed to have as many and whatever gun the should want.  So… this controversy has been around a long time.

 Stricter gun regulations could result in:  Less deaths  Less violent crimes  Less violent accidents  Less threats  More safety feeling 4.  Stricter gun laws could result in:  Less safety at your home  More protests  Less powerful to protect your self  If a serious problem hit America like a terrorist attack, less powerful to protect.

 In some states they have all ready hit stricter gun control laws.

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 Usually handguns or single shot rifles for hunting.  Gun control should hit every state in America Make it harder to purchase and own guns.

 Take week long gun safety class Get a serious background check 20 Jun 2013 - Historical Perspective of Gun Control in the United States Introduction Guns don't kill people, people kill people, how many times have you heard this statement spoken? But you still have to ask how many people's lives end by the bullet? Gun control has permeated throughout news cycles more and more .

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 Gun safety classes should be taken on any gun purchase.