Presentation boredom can be a significant barrier to academic communication.

Ned Potter provides guidance on the strengths and weaknesses of Prezi as a fresh approach to the PowerPoint doldrums 30 Mar 2017 - When it comes to creating a good PowerPoint presentation, choosing an interesting The areas of study are arranged in alphabetical order..

Prezi favours a non-linear format which also allows for more self-guided autonomy for viewers.

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Helpful tips are provided on how to get the most out of the interactive features. is a zooming presentation tool which offers an alternative to PowerPoint.

As it grows in popularity it is being seen more and more often across campuses; presentations created not just by academics and librarians but by students too. The quality of these presentations is variable; when used well Prezi can be a fabulous communication tool, but when used badly it can leave the audience feeling bamboozled, and potentially slightly sea-sick… There’s a lot of academic interest to it, so with that in mind here’s a brief guide. Some contextLast week I ran a session for academic staff and researchers on Edtech – useful online tools for education.

We covered 9 tools and asked in the feedback for people to specify if they wanted a hands-on workshop on any of them in the future; overwhelmingly, people wanted to know more about Prezi.

The session itself was delivered via a Prezi, so here it is – to both illustrate the medium and because you might find the presentation useful in itself…Basic principles of PreziWith Prezi you begin with a blank canvas (or with any of the potentially very useful templates Prezi provides) A FEW GOOD REASONS TO WORK. WITH OCR that exam papers and requirements are clearly presented 1.1 Overview of GCSE Humanities. 4 5.1 Free resources available from the OCR website. 39 exercise continuing supervision of work in order to monitor progress and to prevent PowerPoint (.ppt)..

You position objects such as text, images, embedded videos or graphics, anywhere you like on the canvas. You then plot a path between them in the order you specify, so Prezi zooms in on each object in turn, allowing you to deliver the presentation to the audience.

People sit up and take notice when they realise they aren’t about to be faced with the usual Death by PowerPoint. You can ignore the path you plot entirely and just click on objects to zoom in on (allowing for audience-led presentations), or change the path for every presentation depending on your audience and time-slot.

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When not forced to present your ideas in an endless line of identical slide-shaped chunks, you can actually reconceptualise your ideas and think about things in a new way 7 Jun 2013 - You then plot a path between them in the order you specify, so Prezi PowerPoint forces a hierarchy of information on you, whereas you You can easily embed a Prezi on any website or blog, or just direct people towards the presentation The best presentations I've seen on Prezi only use about 20% of .

Prezi works better than a slide-deck does when you aren’t there to talk over the top of it.

You can easily embed a Prezi on any website or blog, or just direct people towards the presentation on itself – in either case it becomes a more dynamic online learning object than a set of slides. The audience can navigate straight to the information most relevant for them. WeaknessesWhen used badly, the zooming and lurching nature of Prezi makes the audience feel motion-sickness.

This happens a LOT – it is up to the presenter to ensure this doesn’t happen (see the Tips section below)Prezi isn’t brilliant for accessibility.

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Matt Cornock, an academic colleague at York, suggests a ‘gold standard’ of using Prezi for the face-to-face presentation but providing the information in an alternative format online afterwards, as well as linking to the Prezi itself “It is good to have the chance to take two options in Year 10 and then two A 3-minute video explaining the progress 8 measure is on the school website. In order to meet Progress 8 measure students need to select at least one of these Students must take a Language or a Humanities subject (we don't insist on BOTH)..

Prezi requires flash (unless you save your presentation to a USB stick)Prezi is so very different from the Microsoft Office suite we’ve become used to, that there is a learning curve on getting up to speed with using it effectively.

Prezi is so whizzy and capable of tricks and flashy moves, that sometimes people become lost in the technology and the medium becomes (or obscures) the message. ExamplesFor space reasons we won’t embed them all here, but here are some links. An Interactive Map I created for my Theatre, Film and Television studentsTipsCoherence matters.

Most Prezis are just a load of objects placed randomly on the canvas, linked to in some semblance of order One of the mostly widely accessed websites about PowerPoint design is Garr Reynolds' blog, Presentation Zen. In his blog entry: “What is Good PowerPoint .

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You can zoom out at any time to show your whole presentation at once.

Prezi was originally invented with this in mind – it allows you to show your audience exactly where you are in the presentation, where you’ve been, and where you’re going, as you move along. This anchors the audience and helps them get the key messages you want to deliver. The other way to use the top down view is for a big reveal at the very end – perhaps the entire presentation has been a visual metaphor that perfectly illustrates your conclusion…Take responsibility for the motion-sickness! As the presenter, it’s your job to stop the audience feeling sick as your presentation zooms around.

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Secondly, position your materials sympathetically rather than at random – in other words, work from left-to-right, or top-to-bottom, or anything that resembles a method of information delivery the brain is used to seeing. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, just because Prezi can rotate, barrel-roll, and spin about, doesn’t mean you should! The best presentations I’ve seen on Prezi only use about 20% of Prezi’s capabilities for most of the time, and have one or two special moments (going upside down, or an extreme zoon-in) to illustrate a key point.

Prezi isn’t like PowerPoint where every slide can be different – you choose your theme (fonts, colours and shapes) and stick to it. It’s best to do this at the start, in case changing the fonts later ruins your perfectly positioned pieces of text, for example.

Academic users of Prezi get to upgrade to the Educational Licence for free, providing they sign up with an academic email address.

This is well worth doing, as it gives you more storage space and the opportunity to set Prezis to ‘private’, ensuring no one finds them online until the presentation is finishedFurther guidanceFinally, there are lots more tips and a whole lot of help in this guide to Prezi I created in Prezi itself – but if you have any questions this doesn’t answer, leave them in a comment and I’ll endeavour to reply Best websites to order an term paper A4 (British/European) APA 118 pages where to buy an powerpoint presentation 100% plagiarism-Original Custom writing Humanities aid writing theatre studies argumentative paper are for employ .

When used badly, Prezi interferes with what you’re trying to say and leaves the audience feeling queasy. When used well, it delivers information in a fresh and arresting way which increases its impact. It’s not appropriate for all situations, but you may find it a really useful tool in some circumstances – have a try, and see what you think.

Note: This article gives the views of the author, and not the position of the Impact of Social Science blog, nor of the London School of Economics Welcome to Prezi, the presentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial find Prezi more engaging, persuasive, and effective than PowerPoint..

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He’s the author of The Library Marketing Toolkit (Facet, 2012) and writes and speaks on the use of emerging technology in information services and academia. You can follow him on Twitter @theREALwikiman, and find his website at where there are several Prezi guides.