Examples of exercises Investment project - given a bundle of documents including letter from the bank, background information on accounts.

Should the client invest? Write a report summarising the information given about an energy firm wanting to take over an urban community regeneration scheme Get the best online homework help and homework answers at Studypool..

Look at the strengths, risks, obstacles to scheme and suggestions about whether it should move forward. Given a lengthy consultant's report with half an hour to read and then draft a presentation recommending whether to go ahead on buying the company - followed by questions.

The client, a steel company, is losing money due to a rival Case studies are an increasingly popular form of teaching and have an important role in developing skills and knowledge in students. This guide explores the use of the case-based approach to support engineering education and, more specifically, their role in Materials Science related Higher Education courses. This will .

The rival company is thinking of merging with / acquiring your client's company. Look at the extract of a contract between the client and the steel supplier and advise your client of the pros and cons regarding the proceeding.

Given an accident and medical report and photos - written answers to a series of questions. Proposed M&A - pick out the relevant parts to read and then present to the interviewers on what you feel is the correct course of action. Legal interpretation question based on fictional health and safety legislation.

Interpret a section of the mental health act - answer questions from the interviewer If you need proffesional help with your environmental assignment, you can contact us at any time of the day and you will be gladly assisted by our professional staff. Our environmental assignment writers are professionals in the study of the environment; We offer 100% money back guarantee on poor quality and late .

Employment service contract - review in order to answer 10 set questions. Five passages to rewrite in layman's terms.

Draft a letter of complaint to a local electrical store regarding faulty goods. Read a case study on police ill treatment and then draft a report on the legal matters arising from it. Individual tasks Candidates generally work independently on such an exercise and their recommendation or decision is usually to be communicated in the form of a brief written report and/or a presentation made to the assessors.

Ensure your thought processes are clearly articulated and available for the scrutiny of the assessors. Of paramount importance, if the brief requires a decision to be made, ensure that a decision is made and articulated.

Group tasks You may be asked to do a case study as a group 12 Jul 2017 - For instance, some countries impose retrospective liability on the polluter and different countries have different definitions for who is a polluter and what constitutes pollution[2]; range It should also be noted that the above principle is more of a regional custom than part of international environmental law..

It is likely to be along the lines of the first two exercises in the example with information given to the group to sift through and pull out the key facts. At the end the group will be asked to present to the interviewers, outlining the issues involved and key recommendations and then take questions as a group. Letter drafting criteria If in the exercise you are involved in drafting a letter, as part of the assessment the interviewer will check that it: Protects the interests of the client Meets the client's objectives Addresses all relevant factual and legal issues Identifies relevant options